Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

19:00 Uhr live skype Konferenz mit Mehran Keshe

Wer dabei sein möchte:
heute 19:00 Uhr live Übertragung mit Mehran T. Keshe, Keyvan Davani, Rick Crammond und Rasmin B. Schafii und einigen Kindern und Eltern in dem Kinder Workshop der Kesh Foundation.
Alles auf englisch. Zur Übertragung: klick 

The 7th Keshe Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop will be held on Wednesday November 19th 2014 at 7 pm CET (10 am Pacific time)
Skype call hosts Keyvan Davani and Rick Crammond will introduce Mehran Keshe, who shows us the wonders of the universe, explained in a simple way.
"Time to serve, not to be served" (Mehran T. Keshe). What is your individual contribution for world peace and for a peaceful, scientific, and technological evolution of our civilization?
Interested kids and/or parents, please contact Keyvan Davani and/or Rick Crammond (co-hosting) at
Please, provide us with your skype-name if you want to be in the call.
We will be live streaming the Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshops at